Thai Yoga Therapy

Sacral adjustment

Performed by Kat Whitchurch or Jen O’Sullivan

The healing techniques of Thai Yoga Therapy combine acupressure, energy work, stretching, joint mobilization and a series of assisted yoga postures to unblock the major energy channels in the body. Thai Yoga Therapy releases tension, relaxes sore muscles, increases flexibility, and can be therapeutic for a number of physical and emotional conditions.

Herbal healing has deep meaning and tradition in Thai culture. A Thai herbal is a slower, profoundly meditative Thai Yoga Therapy session directed at restoring physical, mental and emotional balance. The application of warm herbal bundles and soothing aroma melts tension and aching muscles & eases respiration and circulation.

Please wear comfortable clothing to facilitate movement and dark colored long sleeves/pants for an herbal session since the bundles can stain skin and clothing.

60-minute basic – $90
90-minute basic – $130
90-minute herbal – $165
120-minute basic – $160
120-minute herbal – $195
3-pack 90-minute basic sessions – $340

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