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Serving Since 2003
Whether you have never tried yoga, have basic experience, or are a longtime practitioner, we have something to suit your style. With our diversified classes, courses, workshops, trainings, we aim for wellness. When you do come by, we hope you enjoy your experience and the energy we share in elevating individual, community and planetary consciousness.

Since 2003, consciously serving Old Town Alexandria and surrounding DC Metro area, we continue to create a truly safe and open environment, provide beautiful studio spaces, offer informed and insightful yoga and wellness experiences to awaken brilliance in body, mind and soul.

Our studio is dedicated to making yoga accessible to people who are interested in learning, exploring and enjoying yoga. With understanding and integrity, skillfulness and wisdom, our aim is to illuminate your natural intelligence to heal, grow and evolve.

We believe that everyone can participate in cultivating compassion, changing behavior and the collective consciousness on our beautiful planet. As humans, we are holy beings and ultimately want to be healthy and happy. We can choose our thoughts, actions and relationships to increase health and happiness in ourselves, our friends and families, on our planet and throughout our universe.

As a outward sign of inclusiveness, Pure Prana completed the Visit Alexandria LGBT workshop in 2016 to show a continued commitment to LGBT-friendly policies and practices and is currently the only yoga studio in the area to hold such a distinction.

Pure Prana is informed by cosmic context. Aligned with Ayurveda, the oldest medical science to exist, everything we offer is influenced by nature, the elements, prevailing energies and forces at play. We rely on the guidance of divine, cosmic intelligence from the Sun, Moon, planets and stars in order to create the most natural, harmonious macrocosmic and microcosmic relationships.

Beyond our Ayurvedic roots, we adhere to the Classical Principles of Yoga according to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

YAMA-s Laws of Life: How we interact with the world
  Ahimsa – non-violence
Satya – truth
Asteya – non-stealing
Brahmacharya – moderation
Aparigraha – non-attachment
NIYAMA-s Laws of Living: How we interact with ourselves
  Shauca – purity
Santosha – contentment
Tapas – austerity
Swadhyaya – self-study
Ishvara-pranidhana – living with awareness of the Divine
ASANA Physical Postures
  Sthira Suhkham Asanam – our connection to the earth should be steady and joyful.
PRANAYAMA Breath Cultivation
  The practice of pranayama purifies and removes distractions from the mind,
making it easier to concentrate and meditate.
PRATYAHARA Withdrawal of All Senses
  Pratyahara occurs during meditation, breathing exercise, or during asana —
any time you are directing your attention inward.
DHARANA Total Concentration
  Teaching the mind to focus on one point or image.
DHYANA Meditation
  The goal of meditation is not unconsciousness or nothingness,
but a heightened awareness and oneness with the universe.
SAMADHI Ecstacic Bliss
  Pure contemplation, super consciousness, in which you and the universe are one.

We are a Green Yoga Studio. Sustainability is central to Pure Prana’s operations.  All of us have an impact on our environment, but we can take steps to limit those impacts. Since opening our doors in 2003 we have made it a priority to exercise a concern for our planet, our community and our students in our business practices.

  • We make an effort to limit our use of plastic and recycle over 98% of all our waste plastic, paper and metal.
  • All of the paper we use is at least 40% post-consumer recycled material.
  • To save paper, we are happy to email you your receipt, but if you would like a hard copy we will provide one on paper free of Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical compound believed to be hazardous to fetuses, infants and small children.
  • To further reduce paper waste, our monthly newsletter is provided to students in online format only.
  • Our blankets, bolsters, eye pillows and other props are cleaned and all of the materials used to clean our studio are non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • We provide students with our own custom mat cleaning solution using purified water and a combination of essential oils, housed in our own reusable bottles.
  • We only use soy based candles, eliminating the petroleum smoke created by the burning of common candles and utilizing a renewable, plant-based resource.
  • Our boutique proudly features eco-friendly Jade yoga mats and blocks. Jade mats are made from natural rubber, a renewable resource whose use supports rainforest conservation, and are produced in the United States in compliance with all applicable environmental and labor safeguards.  For each mat purchased, Jade Yoga plants a tree.
  • Instead of selling bottled water, which increases the use of plastic and can compromise the ability of poor communities to access clean drinking water, we offer our students a water filter where they can fill their own reusable bottles and provide reusable cups.
  • Tea served after classes makes use of biodegradable, compostable cups.
  • We provide seasonal opportunities for our students and staff to engage in volunteer work directly benefitting our local environment.
  • Our yoga teacher trainees are required to complete a 4 hour service project that benefits communities in need.
  • Since initiating our donation-based, Yoga for the People classes in 2013 we have raised more than $4,000 to date for local charities.
  • We create a forum for our community to learn about and discuss current environmental and social issues at our seasonal movie nights.

Our efforts to be a sustainable yoga studio is an evolving practice, just like our yoga. We invite you to share with us any insights or additional ideas you might have on how we can make Pure Prana Yoga Studio a more conscious and sustainable space. To make a suggestion, or for additional information, please email info@pureprana.com.

We stock retail clothing, yoga props and additional supportive accessories in our reception area. Products include:

  • Jade Yoga mats
  • Integral Yoga & Jade Yoga blocks
  • Integral Yoga straps, wedges & bolsters
  • Blue Lotus Yoga meditation cushions
  • Jivamukti china gel
  • Nag champa incense
  • Custom-printed Alternative Apparel clothing
  • Pure Prana water bottles and tote bags
  • Fashion accessories, including hair ties
  • Books and notebooks
  • Zen Osho tarot cards
  • MILA supplement